Initial 60 min Nutrition Consult with JLucas Nutrition


Think of this initial assessment as the first day of practice setting the tone for the season. In this session, we'll review your nutrition and exercise goals by evaluating and discussing your physical activity/ workout regimen, work & social schedule, weight, current eating habits, medical history, and obstacles to healthy food choices. We will work together to define a specific nutrition goal and give you recommendations on how to achieve those goals.

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Quick Nutrition Consult with JLucas Nutrition


Touch base with JLucas Nutrition. Any specific questions or adjustments that you may need in your meal plan can be accomplished with this quick consult. Schedule a one-on-one phone call, video or in-person (limited to Dallas/Fort Worth area) nutrition counseling session with JLucas Nutrition, your personal Registered Dietitian. Use this 30 min consult to ask any questions that you may have about diet or exercise. Topics may include making changes in your diet and exercise regimen for weight loss, muscle gain, improved endurance/stamina, supplement recommendations to support health and athletic performance or to make general adjustments to your daily nutrition plan to support health and wellness.

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JLucas Nutrition Inside Tracker Blood Nutrient Analysis


Have your blood work checked with the inside tracker, a sophisticated, science-based blood analysis, tailored just for you. Get your personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations now by going to and using code JamesLucas10 to save10% on your order. When you receive your test results and would like further analysis send them to and have him analyze your results

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Sports Team and Fitness Center Nutrition Presentations

If you are interested in a team Sports Nutrition, Health, Wellness & Fitness Presentation for your team, school, gym or company, please contact JLucas Nutrition for more details and a cost estimate. JLucas Nutrition will create a group program that is custom-tailored to your requirements and cost will be based upon your specific needs, number of sessions and size of the group. Each presentation includes PowerPoint presentation, Educational handout, Q&A Session.

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