Not sure JLucas Nutrition is the right fit for you?

Below are frequently asked questions regarding JLucas Nutrition services. How does his nutrition services work? Find out below! If your questions are not answered here, call or text 203-376-8271 for a quick chat with James Lucas to determine if his expertise, experience and approach are what you are looking for!

1. What services do you offer?

JLucasnutrition offers individual consulting and team services as well as one-time or on-going seminars and lectures for clubs and other organizations. Occasionally there are also special programs or events. JLucasnutrition works with active individuals, athletes of all levels of competition including middle school, high school, collegiate, amateur, elite and professional in addition to the lay person looking to improve health and wellness. Services are individualized for each individual.

2. What is the set-up of your individual consulting?

Initial consults are 60 minutes to allow time for JLucasnutrition to learn about your lifestyle, training, dietary intake and goals as well as begin to devise your personalized nutrition plan. Follow-up consults are typically 30 minutes long.

3. What are payment options? Do you take insurance?

JLucasnutrition Nutrition services are typically not covered by insurance. However, if you believe your services might be, JLucasnutrition will provide an itemized receipt for your records and evaluation. Payment in the form of credit card is due on the day of the scheduled appointment.

4. Do you offer group consulting?

Yes,  please contact JLucasnutrition for more information regarding these types of sessions.

5. How do are gym, sports team or corporate presentation services set up?

Group presentation nutritional services can be provided as a one-time talk, multiple talks throughout the season, or an entire season-long program or as a one-time gym member presentation for new members. We can also set up a monthly gym talks nutrition session with various topics of interest as a service to gym members. JLucasnutrition is available to travel to your team's location or can offer virtual talks on a platform with screen sharing and video/audio capability. Please contact JLucasnutrition for more information on these services.

6. Can I work with you regardless of where I live?

JLucasnutrition is located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex and can schedule an in-person one-one counseling session if necessary, however most consults can be completed through video or phone chat.

7. Do you sell or endorse any products or companies?

JLucasnutrition is an affiliate of inside tracker, EAS sports nutrition, Coromega Fish Oil supplements and Core Health. He may recommend considering these products as a part of your meal plans.  However, JLucasnutrition otherwise remains independent so that you can rest assured you are receiving unbiased, evidence-based recommendations. When you work with JLucasnutrition, you don't have to worry about feeling pressured to buy unnecessary, expensive supplements.

8. Do you work with eating disorders?

Eating disorders can be complex and involve psychological as well as nutritional changes. JLucas Nutrition does not specialize in eating disorders, but can provide motivation, basic nutrition principles to lead to change, however more specific counseling and attention may be necessary.

9. How do I schedule a consult?

To inquire more about services and/or schedule, call 203-376-8271. Initial scheduling is not done via email or text.

10. Do you also offer personal training, are you a personal trainer?

At this time JLucas Nutrition does not offer personal training, but he can provide you with exceptional exercise tips and suggestions to help improve your performance and physique.

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